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DIAL A CLICHE [Friday July 9, 6pm]
[ mood | sorrre ]

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111 got off on failure | fate is fucking romantic

just saying. [Thursday September 24, 12am]

miss this so hard.

not even olde english and squeeze makes it lessen.

dear pacific nw:
see you in december.
5 got off on failure | fate is fucking romantic

[Sunday July 12, 3am]
"I want to be tortured. I want to be banished. I want something so unquestionably wrong bestowed upon me that I will have no choice but to rise up against or fail. And if I fail, I want to fall so deep that I won't care about getting out, it'll just be all of me. I don't want that reasonable voice anymore. One or the other."
fate is fucking romantic

public? [Thursday April 23, 11pm]
this has been one of my favourite poems since high school.


Buffalo Bill opens a pawn shop on the reservation
right across the border from the liquor store
and he stays open 24 hours a day,7 days a week

and the Indians come running in with jewelry
television sets, a VCR, a full-lenght beaded buckskin outfit
it took Inez Muse 12 years to finish. Buffalo Bill

takes everything the Indians have to offer, keeps it
all catalogues and filed in a storage room. The Indians
pawn their hands, saving the thumbs for last, they pawn

their skeletons, falling endlessly from the skin
and when the last Indian has pawned everything
but his heart, Buffalo Bill takes that for twenty bucks

closes up the pawn shop, paints a new sign over the old
charges the Indians five bucks a head to enter.

Sherman Alexie
fate is fucking romantic

[Sunday June 17, 5pm]

thats all for today.
5 got off on failure | fate is fucking romantic

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